Children’s Dentistry

Helping Children Build a Positive Relationship With Their Dentist

Children's Dentistry Stafford

Here at The Priors Dental Practice, we recognise the importance of good oral health during childhood and try extremely hard to encourage children to enjoy a positive experience when they come to us for dental appointments. We know how scary it can be for children to go to the dentist and we will make every effort to make sure your child feels comfortable and happy during their appointment. Children that have a positive relationship with their dentist are much less likely to suffer from dental anxiety in adulthood, which means they are more likely to enjoy good oral health and feel comfortable going for routine check-ups.

A healthy routine is crucial

In order for children to enjoy good oral health, it is important for them to adopt a good oral hygiene routine, which should become part of their daily routine, alongside washing, having meals and getting ready for school or college. Daily brushing, flossing and rinsing can make a real difference to oral health so it is important to try and encourage your children to get involved in oral health as early as possible. Attending regular check-ups is also very important; more and more children are suffering from conditions including gum disease and tooth decay, which could be identified and treated if they went for regular routine check-ups.

Many children suffer from orthodontic problems. We are keen to offer treatment to adolescents as it is often much more difficult to treat problems in adulthood, as the teeth have stopped developing. We are more than happy to assess your child’s dental health, make recommendations with regard to orthodontic treatment and provide orthodontic appliances.