Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a type of false teeth that are available as a dental treatment for those at The Priors Dental Practice who have one or more missing teeth, for whatever reasons. Dental crowns are carefully balanced on top of neighbouring teeth, which are trimmed down to accommodate the bridge, hence the name ‘bridge’.

Dental bridges were created to not only improve the appearance of your smile but also to reduce tooth decay from developing and improve your bite. They will also reduce the risk of gum disease which may otherwise result because of tooth decay, as food can build up in the area where the tooth is missing.

Dental bridges are made from various materials such as porcelain and precious metals such as gold, depending on what you require. You can choose which you one you believe would be most suitable to improve the look of your smile.

There are various types of bridges available such as:

  • Cantilever Bridges – traditionally used for front teeth
  • Maryland Brides – usually plastic in material and used when the neighbouring teeth are healthy and without fillings
  • Fixed Bridges – this type of bridge cannot be removed and is the most commonly used dental bridge.

Dental bridges are a good substitute for false teeth and often last a long time, usually around 10-15 years. Dental bridges go unnoticed and can vastly improve your smile and prevent speech problems caused by missing teeth. As long as you keep your dental bridge clean and healthy you should have no problems and you will be able to enjoy a fabulous looking smile.