Enlighten Tooth Whitening Accredited Centre

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We are pleased to report that The Priors is now an accredited Enlighten Tooth Whitening Centre!

Enlighten Tooth Whitening is a tried and tested system which guarantees every patient the whitest natural shade (Vita Shade B1) which is the whitest shade on a regular dentist shade guide.

The system includes an in surgery whitening procedure accompanied by home whitening, and for most people will take just 2 weeks. Even for more difficult cases, Enlighten should take no more than 4 weeks to achieve the whitest possibble colour for your teeth.

Enlighten Tooth Whitening can also be used to bleach teeth that have become discoloured following a root canal treatment or due to the use of tetracycline during childhood.

For more information, ask Mark or Daniel at your next appointment, or ask one of our reception team to book you a free whitening consultation appointment to see which one of our whitening procedures is best suited to you.

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