The new and modern approach to dental hygienist services

Debbie Stratford, one of our resident hygienists at The Priors, is now fully trained to use our new advanced Airflow® equipment.

Airflow® is pain free, minimally invasive and cleans and polishes in one single procedure.

Dental plaque (or bacteria) that has not been thoroughly removed by toothbrushing, and in between brushes, forms a sticky layer around the teeth and gums which is the main cause of gum disease and bone loss around teeth and implants. Gum disease can affect the rest of the body and is a risk factor in heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. Thorough home cleaning is essential in keeping your mouth and body healthy.

Airflow® can help remove the bacteria that is hard to reach. Debbie uses Airflow® on patients as and when required as part of a routine hygienist visit, however for an extra fee you can book an appointment for a dedicated Airflow treatment. Ask for more information from our reception or hygiene team on your next visit.

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