What our patients say about us

  • “I have been a patient of The Priors Dental Practice for just over a year. All of the staff are very welcoming and friendly, which makes you feel valued. I am very happy with the treatment received and would like to thank everyone at The Priors for giving me a reason to smile”.

    ‘I have been registered at The Priors for the past two years. As a sufferer of panic attacks, visits to the dentist have not always been easy. However, from the onset, all staff at The Priors have been very sympathetic and supportive of my anxiety.

    This ‘support’ resulted in me agreeing to opt for some fairly extensive work on new veneers last year, which as a lecturer has improved my confidence greatly.

    Their approach throughout has always been friendly, comforting and encouraging.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, from the receptionists to Dan, and assistants’.

    ‘Mark is the first dentist in years who I feel has been up to the challenge of my mouth! It is very reassuring to be in such good hands’.

    ‘I feel that I have had the best dental treatment, and indeed personal treatment that I could possibly have anywhere. It is now a pleasure to visit the dentist. Thank you!’

    ‘A very well organised Practice run by dedicated and caring staff, headed by a highly respected and exceptionally gifted Dentist, Dr. Mark Emms’.

    ‘The hygienist I saw today is the most thorough I have seen. A very good and efficient service, all delivered with a smile! Well Done. I actually now enjoy my visit to the dentist!!’

    ‘For the past 22 years plus, I have been a patient of The Priors Dental Practice. In that time I have had numerous procedures performed some of which have been long and a little difficult, as I am a very nervous and apprehensive patient about seeing the dentist it has not always been easy. I have found both Mark and Daniel to be truly informational and knowledgeable in their field. They both take time to explain in detail their findings so that you are comfortable with the outcome. I would also thank them both for trying to relieve my anxieties as a very nervous patient. Everyone from the receptionist, nurses, hygienist, manager etc, is friendly and courteous. I am so impressed with the results of recent dental work. Unbelievable difference! Thanks to Daniel I can smile with confidence again’.

  • ‘I look forward to continuing my dental treatment and very much appreciate your expert care and kindness, and that of your staff’.

    ‘I have the most enormous respect for you and your excellent team. Thanks to the preventative steps taken by you and your team, I’m pleased to be able to take up this position in Japan at short notice in the knowledge that I should remain free of any dental problems in the foreseeable future, at least’.

    ‘First of all I would like to say a huge Thank-You to everyone at The Priors who helped me achieve my new smile. Special thanks to Mark and John for taking the time to persuade me to have an Orthodontic Brace fitted’.

    ‘I had been unhappy with my teeth since I was a teenager, and after watching countless makeover programmes of people having veneers fitted to give them the ‘perfect smile’ I was convinced this was the way for me also. After my first consultation with Mark, I will admit I was a little disappointed when Mark told me that this wasn’t the route for me to take as there was nothing wrong with my teeth, they just needed straightening’.

    ‘He then introduced me to John Scholey and as the saying goes the rest is history!! John suggested I had a Ceramic Brace fitted to my upper teeth, which I must admit was hardly noticeable, and over the past 9 months my teeth have gradually moved into the correct position, and during this time Mark has replaced all my amalgam fillings with tooth coloured ones’.

    ‘The beauty of working with Mark and John is that both the dentist and orthodontics are there at the consultations, and so between them, these two very talented men have given me back my confidence to smile’.

    ‘Last Friday my Brace was finally taken off, and I can honestly say I couldn’t believe my eyes! After years of crooked uneven teeth, making me embarrassed to smile for the camera, I now have this perfect row of straight teeth which Mark and John promised me. I cannot thank them enough and would urge anyone who is unhappy with their smile to seek an opinion from Mark and John, and although it may not be the quick fix that everyone wants it’s most certainly the best way as it gives you a permanent smile that you will have forever.

    P.S. Thanks for the flowers they were lovely!!’